Why Refinish Rather Than Replace?

Many homeowners wonder why they should consider refinishing rather than simply replacing an old tub. We can suggest several thousand reasons – or dollars actually.  Refinishing saves considerable money over a costly tub and/or shower replacement, especially when adding in plumbing, wall repair, and demolition costs. 






















  • Refinished tubs are easier to clean and maintain

  • Resurfaced tubs often brighten and refresh your bathroom

  • Refinished tubs add value to your home


We offer experienced refinishing of many surfaces, including (but not limited to) porcelain, cast iron, steel, ceramic, fiberglass, and acrylic.


Tile Refinishing

With a beautifully refinished bathtub, you may not be satisfied with

ugly tiles and grout lines that won’t come clean. 


We can professionally refinish your tiles with a solid color or in any of

our “Stone Fleck” colors.  And we’ll coat your grout lines with the same

finish, giving them a porous-free surface that is easier to clean